This Week...

...Grace gave Ca$h a belly rub and eyed his bone:

...we went to dinner at Poppa and Gran's. They gave Grace a new toy that she absolutely LOVES, and it's perfect since she just started walking:

...we've been having some issues at work, so I have been working tons of extra hours. Because of this, Grace has been hanging out around the office quite a bit:

...I took a picture of Grace before I got her up one morning because she looked so sweet all cuddled up in blankets:

...we went to visit Poppa and Grandma where she got her first taste of a Twinkie:

...Cash ate the pony tail holder off Grace's head which left her hair looking like this:

...Grace has been sleeping an awful lot. I don't know if she's going through a growth spurt or what, but one morning I changed her diaper and got her dressed and she was still passed out:

So I had to wake her up again:

...we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with dinner at Chevy's and Olivia joined us:

...Grace got the most awesome new pair of shoes EVER:

...we celebrated Mother's Day, and it was the best one yet!!

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