This Week...

...Grandma took Grace to the store to buy some seeds for their garden:

...she also planted the garden and let Grace help with the princess watering can, rake, shovel, gloves, and hat that she got her at the aforementioned store (spoiled, much?), but had to take them away when she kept trying to dig the plants back up out of the ground:

...I got Grace a snack trap figuring she wouldn't be able to use it quite yet. She can. I swear she'll do anything to get food:

...we grilled out with our friends, and Grace learned how to walk!

...we spent Sunday at The District with Geni.

...Grace practiced her golf swing with the new set of clubs I got her:

She's going to be pro.

...Grace napped in her own bed EVERY day!!

It's crazy.

I think taking her to Newport and getting her out of her element was the best thing we could've done.

It was like someone hit the reset button on her sleep habits.

On Monday, I fed her and put her down in her pack 'n play with her little nightlight/singing seahorse and she fell asleep.

Then she repeated this all week long.

I am seriously stunned.

Normally, baby girl would cry her little heart out until Mommy or Daddy came to rescue her from the bad, lonely baby bed.

Not that I'm complaining.

It's awesome to be able to get stuff done around the house in the afternoon while she naps.

We've also been SlaMmEd to the max at work this week, so I've been working from home every afternoon, and these little naps of Grace's have been a tremendous help in that department.

She's still in our bed for nighttime, but since Isaac and I both love that, it's not a problem.

We'll see if she keeps it up, but so far so good!

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