This Kid was in Heaven

Since Grace pretty much started walking this weekend, my sister had to come over Sunday to see her in action.

After watching the little drunk lady stumble all around the house, we decided that we'd rather spend this beautiful day outside and headed to The District.

We were still in our PJs, so Geni got Grace dressed and obviously put her in this shirt:

(It says "My Aunt is My BFF".)

When we got to The District, we went straight to The Elephant Bar for some lunch.

Grace was awestruck by the GiNoRmOuS elephant in the entry:

She hung out with Auntie while we waited for a table:

Once we were seated, Grace was given her own crayons and coloring pamphlet.

She had a great time scribbling and throwing her crayons on the ground while we repeatedly picked them up for her.

Grace even ordered her very first meal at a restaurant.

She was eyeing the chicken quesadillas so I let her get some, and this kid was in heaven.

Food is pretty much her favorite thing ever:

She did a really good job shoving most of it into her mouth all at once:

Then the waitress brought Grace a surprise dessert that apparently came with her meal.

Daddy had fun feeding her some whipped cream:

After lunch, we did some people watching:

Then, we shopped around for a bit and got Grace the MoSt adorable outfit which included this shirt:

(How perfect, right?!)

Finally, before it was time to go, we let Grace walk around for a bit and even got it on video:

What an absolutely PeRfEcT way to spend a Sunday!

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