Strawberry Mojitos & Life at Sea

On Saturday, Isaac, Grace, and I decided to take a trip to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay.

We invited Kasie and Jeremy to come with because we always have the best time with them.

We started off with lunch at Border Grill where Kasie and I had the most delicious strawberry mojitos ever:

Next, we headed over to the Shark Reef and got our tickets:

Inside, we saw a crocodile:

And a Komodo Dragon:

There were some massive fish:

And some smaller fish:

We even saw some piranha:

Grace liked watching them swim around:

There was a pretty cool tunnel where you could see all different types of fish and sharks:

It was kindaaaa creepy to walk through though:

Isaac and Jeremy didn't seem to mind it:

After the tunnel, there was a touch pool where you could actually feel some sting rays:

Some of them were shy:

Next up was the best part...jelly fish! They were so beautiful and colorful:

Last up was the big ship wreck area with tons of different, crazy looking sharks, fish, and rays:

I was expecting a little more, but we still had an awesome time with some even more awesome friends:

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