One More Month...

...until baby girl turns ONE!!

I can't believe it.

'Olivia' birthday party planning is in the works.

Grace is walking all over the place.

She is now eleven months old.

What else does this happy girl got going on:

Grace is twenty-two pounds, nine ounces.

She is about thirty inches tall.

She's been napping in her own bed and even sleeping in there for a few hours some nights.

Her new favorite thing to do is to hug Ca$h. I think she likes his fluffy fur.

She's eating a lot of these Plum Baby organic fruits and veggies. She really loves them.

Her hair is adorably cute in little pig tails since it's getting longer (and somehow blonder?).

Grace is crazy obsessed with the movie Tangled. She adores it.

She loves playing with her miniature golf set.

Water is another favorite. She likes to swim, splash, spill, drink, and play in it.

18-24 month size clothes fit her best.

She's wearing a size 4 in shoes.

I remember saying that I wish Grace could stay small forever, but I must say, every day that she grows and learns something new melts my heart and makes me love her even more than the day before.

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