The Hot Sun and Fight Night

The first half of my very first Mother's Day weekend...

We started out by sitting around the pool on Saturday with some of our favorite people: Matt, Chris, and Francesca.

Grace joined us as we soaked up the hot sun, cooled off in the pool, and sipped on Pacificos.

She played in her Pack 'n Play, splashed around in the water, and even took a long nap.

Some pictures from our AwEsOmE afternoon...

Grace chillin' on the lounge chair:

And playing in the pool:

Drying Off with Mommy:

Playing in her Pack 'n Play while the boys goofed off:

Down for the Count:

(Auntie Frannie brought her a new Olivia book...thank you Fran!!)

Francesca and I getting our tan on:

Boys being boys:

After an amazing day by the pool, Isaac and I went home to shower and get ready for Poker and Fight Night at the Cantor's house.

We dropped Grace off at Grammy's for a few hours so we could go have some fun:

We ate lots of good food, laughed, watched Pacquiao beat Sugar Shane (sadly), laughed some more, and played a game of poker.

It was so much fun and a much needed night out for Isaac and I.

Plus, we got to see Bethany and Tony (friends that live alllll the way across town that we never get to see)!!

The Saturday leading up to Mother's Day was perfect, and I couldn't have asked for anything more!

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