Avalanche Warning

Two days after Christmas is Kasie Marie's birthday.

Since she turned 25 this year, we decided to get together to celebrate.

Our plan was to head up to Mt. Charleston, go sledding, and then come back home to a nice big pot of chili.

Unfortunately, there was an avalanche warning on the mountain.

Instead, we had a game night.

Kelli and Eddie came over early to help make chili, and cupcakes for Kasie.

While they were there, we exchanged Christmas gifts.

I got some of my blue kitchen accessories I've been dreaming about.

I'm SoOo ExCiTeD to collect them all.

They brought Grace a stuffed puppy named Violet that learned her name and teaches her how to spell it.

 Violet also knows that Grace's favorite food is sweet potatoes, and her favorite color is pink.

She loves it!

She especially likes to ride with Violet in her wagon:

When Kasie and Jeremy arrived, we sang Happy Birthday, and Kasie made a wish.

Then, Gracie opened her presents from Uncle Larry and Aunt Judy.

She got the Corduroy book:

I was just as excited as her, because I used to read it when I was a little kid.

She was really into the pictures.

After gifts, we played a game of girls versus boys Pictionary.

It's always tons of fun.

And of course the girls won!

We had a lot of fun, and I'm glad we got to spend a little bit of time with Kasie for her birthday.

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