This Week...

...Grace got a new toy pony from Aunt Allison. She was pretty fascinated by it.

...she played in her robe and slippers that Grandma Whiting got her for her baby shower.

Look at that belly!

She didn't even mind tummy time (she usually screams when she rolls onto her stomach).

...Grace really got into the Christmas spirit.

...she started playing on the floor by herself for long periods of time. We usually put her on a blanket with all of her favorite toys, and she'll sit there while we cook dinner or clean up. She's getting to be so independent!

...she watched her favorite show, Olivia, in the chair on Saturday morning. Daddy caught her with the camera. "What are you looking at?"

...Grace helped me wrap some Christmas presents.

...we made Blueberry pancakes from scratch. They were unbelievably good.

...Grace tried out the Lovesacs at the mall.

...we went to my mom and Rick's Christmas party and had a lot of fun with all of our friends.

What a busy week! And with Christmas coming up it's only going to get busier!!

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