Santa Claus is Coming to Town

The holidays are my favorite time of year, because we get to spend so much time with our families. Our tradition has always been to decorate the house and Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend. Since we went up to the cabin for Thanksgiving, we made sure to come home Saturday so that we could spend Sunday decorating. I've been trying to get Isaac to put up Christmas lights for four years now, and he finally decided to do it this year. I'm pretty sure it's because it's for Gracie (he'd do anything for her).

Zacarias and Eddie came over to help him with the lights while Kelli, Grace, and I worked on the tree. We woke up early and went to the store to buy some lights, came home and put on a pot of chili, and started the decorating. Of course we had to listen to Christmas music while we worked.

First, we had the guys put the tree together slowly, so we could fluff each section as it went up. It was crazy trying to get all of the lights plugged into each other and get them all working, but we did it.

Meanwhile, the guys strung lights all over the house...including on the front porch!

Once we got the tree put together, we hung all of the fun, colorful ornaments.

Grace helped by playing with the sparkly ornaments. She definitely likes glitter. What girl doesn't?!

After a full day of work, we finally got the tree decorated and the lights put on the house. Our tree is so big and beautiful. As the year goes by, I forget how pretty it looks all lit up.

Grace has been enjoying it even more.

The Christmas lights turned out awesome, too! Pretty good for Isaac's first time.

A few more days of Christmas shopping and we'll be all ready for Santa!!

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