Jamabalaya in the Kitchen

This week, Kasie and I decided to cook Jambalaya. Jeremy (her fiance) came home from playing football in Canada this week. Since it's his favorite food, we had to make it for him. I was also pretty excited for Grace to finally meet him.

She was really excited to see her Aunt Judy!

I was a little nervous because I've never had jambalaya before, but it was actually delicious!

We started out by chopping up some chicken, shrimp, and a special type of sausage called Andouille.

Next, you saute some veggies and then add chicken stock and rice. The rice absorbs most of the liquid after cooking for about twenty minutes.

The finished product.

I don't know much about Jambalaya, but I read online that it's great with french bread and a salad, so that's what we ate it with.

It was amazingly good. This recipe was pretty spicy, but the bread and salad were nice ways to counter it.

Interested in trying it out? Here's the recipe! I highly reccomend it. This is one meal that we'll definitely be making again.

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