This Week...

...Grace belted out her first real laugh.

...we went over to my dad's for dinner where Poppa fed Grace an eclair. She obviously loved it.

...we celebrated Grandpa Espejo's 50th Birthday!!

...we got Grace a new swing. Just put her in there with her teddy and she's asleep in no time. 

...Grace watched the Bears game with Daddy. I guess it was pretty intense.

...she got pretty good at taking her binky out, but can't quite figure out that you have to turn it around to put it back in. 

...Daddy taught Grace how to play his Xbox. 

...Grace turned FIVE MONTHS OLD!!

 ...we lost our sweet puppy, Isabel and are still heartbroken over it.

...our friend Linzi is dealing with some rough stuff. Her fiance was in Afghanistan and was involved in a tragic accident. He is doing better, but we are still sending love and prayers their way.

...I got a call late Friday night that my grandparents were in a seven car accident and had to be cut out of their van. We rushed straight to the UMC trauma center to find out that my grandma had some pretty serious injuries and my poppa was pretty shaken up as well. He is now home healing while grandma will remain in the hospital for a week and will then be transferred to a rehab facility for six to eight weeks as her injuries continue to heal. Please keep them both in your prayers!

It's fair to say that we've had a pretty rough week. Here's hoping that things start looking up!

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