Snow Daze

Every year for Thanksgiving, we head up to my family's cabin in Elkridge, Utah. There is usually snow by this time of year, so we were really excited to take Grace to play in it. Isaac and I even decided to take Wednesday off so that we could drive up Tuesday night. We got to spend four days with the family and relax away from home. It was like a mini vacation that we really needed.

We left home around 3:00 pm on Tuesday. There was a blizzard warning for that part of Utah, and it was supposed to start at 7:00. We got to the bottom of the mountain right at 7:00 and couldn't see anything the first few miles up the mountain. It was pretty scary, and I kept telling Isaac to pull over. He said you aren't supposed to stop in the snow like that, so we kept going and thankfully made it to the cabin safely.

When we woke up on Wednesday, there was a lot of snow!

Isaac wanted to workout, so he got right to shoveling pathways around the cabin for us.

While he stayed busy outside, mom and I stayed warm inside. Grace even helped Grammy make some pies for the next day.

After we finished the pies, we decorated the cabin tree. Grace had a lot of fun helping and staring at the glittery ornaments.

The next morning, we took her out to play in the snow. My mom got her a pink snowsuit that reminded me of the little kid from 'A Christmas Story'. She was stuck with her arms down by her side and couldn't move, but loved it nonetheless.

She even made a snow angel!

Us girls went outside that night, but it was -3 degrees, so we didn't last too long.

Grace and I spent most of our time cuddling and watching movies.

We had to take advantage of the scenery and snap a family photo.

Before we knew it, Saturday rolled around. Although we had an amazing time, I think Grace was ready to go home.

The cabin is the perfect place for our family to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It's only a couple of hours away, and it's so quiet and peaceful. Sometimes I wish I could stay there forever!

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