Our New Car!!

We've been talking about getting a new car for a couple of months, and decided to start looking.

After searching around a bit, and trying to choose what what would be the most practical thing for us, we decided to get a crossover. We looked at a few different ones and ultimately settled on the Chevrolet Traverse. It's gorgeous outside and in, gets a lot better gas mileage than my H3 did, and has tons of room inside.

We chose a color called diamond white. It's sparkly and shiny!

The inside has a touch-screen radio, navigation system, and seat warmers.

We got tvs with separate dvd players in the back seats so that Grace (and her siblings when the time comes) can watch movies while we drive up to the cabin. They have wireless headphones, or you can listen to the movie over the car stereo. There are also two sun roofs.

The third row can fold down so that we have tons of room for all of our gear.

It really is a beautiful car.

We're very happy with our choice. It drives so smooth and has so much room. It's the perfect vehicle for our family.

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