We've had Grace's bedroom done for a while and went crazy buying baby girl items (clothes, bows, socks, shoes, EVERYTHING) when we found out Grace was indeed a girl. This past week, my mom asked me if I was going to redecorate the bathroom closest to Grace's room upstairs.  It was brown and green polk-a-dots and swirls.  Since we had another bathroom upstairs with not much in it, I decided I could move the brown and green stuff in there and decorate a bathroom for Grace.  I then realized that she won't be using it for quite some time, but at least it would be done, right?

My first step was going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond because I literally buy EVERYTHING there.  I was super suprised when they didn't have any cute girly decor for a kid's bathroom.  I even looked on their website and didn't see anything worthy of Princess Grace.  So I started shopping online.  It went a little something like this:

I then googled "kid's bathroom decor" and "girl bathroom decor".  I still didn't see anything that I liked...this was going to be harder than I thought.  Somewhere I saw an ad for Kohls and decided to check it out although I've never really been there (except to buy a quick t-shirt or two).  I found the cutest bathroom stuff EVER! 

(Picture from Kohls' website)

I was really excited to buy it until I started adding items to my cart and saw my new total of $364.23.  Where the heck was I going to get that kind of cash for bathroom decor?  Don't these people understand I'm having A BABY!!  I need diapers and bottles and a car seat and burp cloths and probably tons of things that I won't even know I need until I'm in the throws of cleaning up throw up or wiping up poop, and I'll have to send Isaac to the store for it.  That stuff costs money and lots of it.  I need to save every penny I can right now.  After going through this in my mind (and out loud a little, sorry Isaac), I decided that Grace isn't getting a bathroom that she isn't even going to use.

Of course, the next day I still had my mind set on these adorable pink and green bathroom flowers and bugs so I wanted to see if I could find them cheaper somewhere else.  They were called something like "Bathroom Garden" and when I googled that, all I got was some cheap looking, old ladyish, purple and gold, flowery crap that was NOT going in my little girl's bathroom.

Wait a second! What is that?  Yep, you guessed it.  I saw a picture on 'google images' (right as I was 'x'ing out of the search window) of the exact bathroom decor I was looking for.  It was at  Obviously, I never thought to search for something like that.  I excitedly started adding items to my "shopping cart" and was SOOO bummed when my total came to $323.65.  Are you kidding me?  Linens for Less is only like $40 cheaper than Kohls!!  Forget bathroom for Grace.


...a week went by and all I could think of was how Grace wouldn't have a cute bathroom and all the other little girls would and she would be sooo sad!  She NEEDED a bathroom that she wouldn't use for years!!  I went back to Linens for Less and put all of the items in my cart again.  Somehow I got this idea that I should check Kohls out one last time to see if maybe I could buy some of the items cheaper there and then the others cheaper at Linens and save a little moolah.  Well well well, Kohls had decided to put this stuff on SALE, so I quickly began adding it all to my cart.  I then googled "Kohls Coupons" and got a code for 15% off my entire order.  (I was seriously having the best luck!)  I ordered every single item from Kohls and guess how much I spent?  $150.45!!!!!!  Just by waiting a week I saved more than two hundred dollars.  That should buy plenty of diapers or at least a week's worth!  I was ecstatic...and now Grace will have her adorable little girl bathroom that she sooo needed :)

I'm pretty sure we now have at least one of EVERYTHING ever made in pink!

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