My Poor Dog

I used to think I had the cutest dog ever. Judging by her personality I'm certain of it.  She's hyper, super active, loving, and she keeps us laughing all the time.  After this new haircut though, she's not looking so hot.

She went from looking like this adorable little mop:

To looking something like a coyote-chihuahua mix:

Last time we took her to our vet to get groomed, they really messed up her hair.  We decided that it would be a great idea to take her to Petsmart because it was cheaper (when I called) and maybe they could do a better job.  Well, when Isaac and I went to pick her up and she looked like this, we weren't too happy.  On top of the terrible haircut, they charged us for every other little thing they did (like brushing her teeth, cleaning her ears, etc.)!!

Although we didn't like the way she looked at first, it kind of grows on you.  Plus, I think she loves not having her hair get matted and being cooler when she's outside.  Either way, we are definitely growing it back out!

Also, I taught Izzie how to shake during one of our lunch breaks last week.  It's pretty impressive seeing as how she is such a spaz.

Now she just tries to "shake" all the time.  You don't even have to have food in your hand and she'll just sit and start throwing her paw in the air.  If you do have food, it's like she's gone mad and can only stand on three feet while throwing her front foot in all kinds of directions.  I've decided her next trick will be to roll over. We'll see how she does with that one.

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