Viva la Mexico!!

Two weeks ago, I uploaded all of our honeymoon photos to my laptop and then proceeded to delete them off of my camera (not a good idea).  A few hours later, my computer froze.  I turned it off, and everytime I tried to turn it back on, I got a blue screen.  I decided to take my computer to Best Buy and they told me what I did NOT want to hard drive had crashed!! Then they told me that I probably wouldn't be able to recover anything off of it.  I called Dell and got a new one since my computer was still under warranty, but I still had none of my pictures.  One of my friends called her IT guy from work and luckily, he was able to save the honeymoon pictures!!  Good thing too, because now I can share them all with you.

Our honeymoon was AMAZING.  We flew to Cancun at seven in the morning the day after the wedding.  After about two hours of sleep that night, I ended up sleeping on the plane the entire way there which was nice.  We arrived in Mexico at around three in the afternoon and went straight to our hotel.  The first thing we noticed after walking into our room was that it had two twin beds.  This was definately not what we requested, so we called the concierge immediately and they gave us an upgraded room with a great view (and a king size bed).

The first night we had a full moon right over the ocean.  We sat in front of the huge windows in our room talking about our wedding, our wonderful family, and what we each wanted for our future.  He laughed, I cried, and we had a really great night together. 

The next day, we decided to take advantage of the awesome pool at our hotel and relaxed in the sun, swam in the ocean, and drank margaritas all day.

We heard that our hotel had two of the best restaurants in Cancun so we decided to try out Salt for dinner that night.  It was the fanciest meal I had ever had, and the food was to die for.  The best part was definately the little tray of desserts at the end.  Everyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for sweets.  I seriously could've eaten the entire tray, but Isaac wouldn't let me.  The key lime pie was the best!

After two days by the pool (and after Isaac realized that Cancun wasn't like Mexico City), we decided to go on some excursions.  Isaac really wanted to check out the Mayan ruins so Wednesday morning we hopped on a bus and rode two hours through lush rain forest to Chichen Itza.  It was breathtaking and wonderful to learn about their culture and see things the way the Mayans saw them.  We learned a lot and took tons of pictures.  Besides being hot and ridiculously humid, we had an awesome time and really enjoyed the day.

On the way back from Chichen Itza, we stopped at this sink hole that the Mayans called Sacred Cenote.  Basically, there are hundreds of underground rivers throughout Mexico and over this particular one, the tree roots and tropical plants that had grown over it were too heavy, and the ground collapsed.  It left a beautiful, crystal clear sink hole that flows about 110 feet deep.  Isaac had a great time jumping off of the platform and swimming in the icey cold water, but I was too afraid to jump in.  This was definately one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

The view looking down into the Sacred Cenote.

The view looking up through the hole.

Isaac jumping into the water.

Needless to say, we were exhausted by the time we arrived back at our hotel, so we ordered some Dominos and went to bed early.  Thursday was another day by the pool and on Friday we took an hour long ferry ride to Isla Mujeres.

Isla Mujeres had all sorts of incredible activities.  There was a dolphin show right as we got off the boat and then we went to this little nature theme park on the island.  We got to zip line over the coral reef, snorkel, and hang out by this cute bar with swings for seats!

Snorkeling in Garrafon

Us under water

 We had the best time in Cancun and couldn't have asked for a better honeymoon! We will definately go back in the future.

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